19 June 2012

Salus Gets new Dean

I would like to congratulate my good friend Jim Caldwell on his new position at Salus (I think that is the first time I did not call it PCO). I always knew he should be in this position. He will do a great job.  Do you think he can get  me a discount for his god son if he becomes an OD?   Here is the official release.

Office of the President
It is my pleasure to announce that James M. Caldwell, OD, MEd, will become the University’s
Dean of Student Affairs effective July 1, following the retirement of Mr. Robert Horne.
After his graduation from PCO in 1989, Dr. Caldwell joined the College as a Resident in Primary
Care in TEI and as an admissions officer. Since then he has held a variety of positions that have
afforded him a unique opportunity to acquire an incredible level of knowledge through his
academic, administrative and operational experiences.
Over the years, Dr. Caldwell has served as Assistant Director of Admissions, Director of Student
Recruitment, and Director of Admissions within Student Affairs. His academic administrative
positions have included Director of Academic Counseling, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs,
and Associate Vice-President of Academic Affairs. Dr. Caldwell also holds a faculty position as
an Assistant Professor.
From the addition of new academic programs to the decision to pursue University status, Dr.
Caldwell has worked closely on institutional assessment with profession specific accreditation
organizations, the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and the Middle States Commission
on Higher Education, all of which required substantive effort and organization. His contributions
to these complicated processes have had a significant impact on the growth, development and
credibility of the institution.
While his responsibilities in recent years have been more in academic administration, Dr.
Caldwell’s first love has always been working with students. With the knowledge he brings from
his diverse administrative experiences he is in a unique position to help us realize the full
potential of each student and maximize his/her opportunity for success.
The search for a new dean required a great deal of time and effort. I would like to thank the
members of the search committee, chaired by Maura Alexander, for their commitment and
diligence during this process. I also thank all who attended the presentations by the finalists,
and shared their feedback. President-designate Mittelman was closely involved in the final
decision of selecting Dr. Caldwell.
Throughout his career, Dr. Caldwell has consistently demonstrated effort, excellence and
dedication. I have no doubt he will bring those same qualities to the position of Dean of Student
Affairs and serve our students well through his strong advocacy. Dr. Mittelman and I look
forward to working with Dr. Caldwell in his new role, and invite you to join us in congratulating
him on this milestone achievement in his career.
Thomas L. Lewis, O.D., Ph.D.


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