15 March 2012

President Obama made me late!!

It is not every day you here that excuse from a patient but it happened this morning. Turns out the President made an  unscheduled visit to the Texas Ribs restaurant two buildings down from my office. The police shut down the street and blocked entrance to my parking lot. As word got out everyone that worked in the surrounding area started lining the street to watch the parade.  Check the story out here.  I know Tracie is thinking I should have been in the restaurant to talk to Ben Cardin.

I spent last night at Andy Morgenstern's office for a wonderful CE that included live patients to see. The one that impressed me the most had LASIK and corneal cross linking on the same day.They had over 60 people in attendance.

 The legislative front was slow this week and I am prepping for our monthly board meeting Tuesday night.

Happy St Patrick's.. Have a Guinness for me.. Talk soon



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