03 February 2012

No cell phone.. legislative committee

Hopefully everyone read my Presidents Report for February, it was a response from the AOA regarding the bankruptcy rumor.
 It has not been a week since President Council , however I have spent a lot of time on conference calls regarding the HIE and ACA changes going on in Maryland. I think only Tracie has logged more hours on the phone.  We have set up a dedicated time.. Monday 8am for legislative calls with Pat Roddy (our legal counsel/lobbyist). I am trying to get more involvement , we do not want to be the only ones making decisions.  If you are interested in helping let me know

On a personal note, on my way home from the Georgetown UConn basketball game  while  on the metro I had my cell phone stolen right out of my hands reading my MOA emails.  That should teach me. Oh.. how life changes without a smartphone. Tom Wong had offered me his old one, even though I rooted for UConn.  I should have it by next Wednesday.

As if my life is not hectic enough , I look forward to Monday when I welcome an extern from PCO to my office.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the Super Bowl ,and if you need to contact me.. email please.
Hope to speak to most of you Monday at 8



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