25 May 2012

AOA & VSP Forum

I would like to thank Jennifer Levy and Jim Eickoff for representing Maryland at this forum in St Louis. I must say I was impressed with the simulcast, no a/v glitches.  A scheduled 90 minute forum lasted 110. Both parties will be posting links to view a rebroadcast.

I could not think of a better way to spend to Thursday evening! (Big Bang Theory was rerun). I feel like each side represented their views succinctly, and professionally. No compromise was agreed upon and this will continue in the future.

Michigan announced earlier in the day that it will not support SAP in HIE , and this gave AOA some momentum. Maryland was mentioned as the only state having an exchange in law.

 Both sides posted reviews the next morning. AOA can be seen here  and VSP here. Each video is only 5 minutes.

I am heading to Ocean City for the long weekend. I will try to go 48 hours with thinking or working on Optometry. (Gonna be difficult).  I plan to route the Terps Lax teams to victory. Please have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.

Talk Soon.



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