03 May 2013

Very busy time..

I realize it has been quite some time since I posted, I have been very busy . The good news is we passed a new law for Optometry that will make it illegal for Insurance companies to mandate a discount on non covered services, also they cannot mandate taking a vision plan to participate in medical eye care. The bill signing is May 16.

I spent four days in Las Vegas at the Vision Source Exchange meeting. It was wonderful getting out of the office and  into some warm weather. I wish I could say the same about my poker game.

Today I spent the morning doing eye examinations at Washington Jesuit Academy with Drs. Tom Wong, Doug Kiessling, Marty McGinn and Charles Mitchell. They students really enjoyed it.

This evening I am headed to dinner with the AOA Board, they are in Washington DC for a quarterly meeting.  Sunday I will be joining several past MOA presidents for a round of golf and lunch.  This job does have some perks.

In between all this I have enjoyed watching my boys lacrosse games and have been spending alot of time taking my kids to  orthodontist and dentist appointments.  ( I think I may have chosen the wrong profession).

 Enjoy the warm weather. Talk soon



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