09 February 2013

EHR Victory, PCO Visit, A Bill Dropped

I know it has been awhile since I posted partly because I have been too busy too post. First I would like to let everyone know that we have been working feverishly since Legislative Session opened in early January.

A few months ago we asked the State to allow OD's to participate in the Medicaid EHR incentive program, the problem being we were not classified as "physicians" in the Medicaid program. We were met with a negative response we did not back down and used some political connections to garner a face to face meeting with the powers that be. I am happy to report the state has reversed their original decision and we can now participate in the program.

We have put a bill in Annapolis to prevent insurance companies from mandating a discount on non covered services. This bill mirrors one passed by dentistry three years ago.

I also had the pleasure of visiting PCO last thursday night with our new Young OD (Dean, Gayle, and Sunni) committee to talk to students about Maryland Optometry. It was a wonderful meeting and the student came prepared with all types of questions. We answered questions on everything from how to get a license, best place to find a job , scope issues and even board certification. It was wonderful mixture of students from first years to fourth.

I did encounter one embarrassing moment when asked why more students from Maryland attended the Federal Advocacy  Conference in Washington DC  last year than OD's?   All I could say was that I will try to not let that happen again.  This is the second time we have been out shined by students since I took office. We corrected the first one by increasing PAC donations so I challenge you again by attending  the conference in Washington  DC this April.

In my office I welcomed a new intern this week and personally have been coaching my youngest in basketball and watching lacrosse tryouts.

We have an executive board meeting Tuesday night so off to prepare.
Congrats to the Ravens.

Talk soon



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