09 April 2008

Joint Wilmer/JHU CE Program

It started as a brisk morning as I drove into Baltimore,you could tell Oriole Park was getting ready for opening day. As I arrived at Wilmer I was pleasantly surprised that the garage I wanted to park in was FREE..yeah.As I arrived and checked in at 8:30 am I was amazed at the venders all set up and ready to go. Generally on a Sunday only CE there are no vendors. Then I walked into the lecture hall and had a flashback, just like school an amphitheater with pop up writing desks. Dr. Elliott Myrowitz did an outstanding job of organizing the event. It was a fast paced, high quality and interactive event. Most speakers went between 20-30 minutes with every section followed by a question and answer period. This was a big hit. Most of the docs who spoke were Wilmer Faculty, Mike Sless (former prez of MOA) had some humurous slides that got a laugh out of everyone.Overall a great event, as a member of the board I will try to encourage this type of CE in the future and hope to see many more of you at these types of events. I think this was a record turnout.

John Burns, O.D.
First Vice-President Maryland Optometric Association


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